by strangedayonplanetearth

soil edited.jpg

The soil test results arrived last week, from Dr. Joshua Cheng of the Environmental Sciences Analytical Center.  There sitting innocuously in my inbox, a report with the  deadening news the garden has lead.  That is, a lot of lead.  606 ppm.

I wrote back, “I have been eating from this soil all summer—can you give any further recommendations?”

No reply.

Not only have I been eating from this soil, I have been walking in it barefoot, scraping it from under my fingernails, and generally inhaling it day in and out.  In my blissful oblivion, I thought the only question about soil was how well it grew stuff.  But all the years of lead based gasoline are living in my backyard, like some gruesome fossil record.

It cost $10 to test the soil, and I can’t test my blood as I don’t currently have insurance.  Capitalisme.