by strangedayonplanetearth


journal: 5.15.16

I made my first margarita yesterday. Yes, do add equal parts tequila to orange liqueur.  And damn, tequila is strong stuff.  Also it comes in a very large bottle, so this is a relatively cost-effective drink.  Except the limes.  Unless one is bequeathed with a lime tree, there is a substantial citrus investment.

It was something of an Ideal Day as the sun was … sunny, and the sky … blue, and these might not sound like unusual circumstances, but it was somehow just the right quantities of warmth and humidity and breeze and goldenness to make me wish the daytime would never end.  Though it ended ideally too, in deep blue tones and one particularly pointed star.  It was the first night not too chilly to be out, so I sat on the patio with my margarita and said nice things to the moon.