Visits to Dreamland

by strangedayonplanetearth

I read today,

It is remarkably easy to make the content of dreams conform to expectation … formulate a statement of intent … try visualizing a scene or image as you fall asleep.

Phil Hine

It made me laugh a little, for the few times I have tried to gently prod my dreams in a particular direction, they ran of shrieking the other way.  I find it interesting this method works for some, yet ceased desiring it long ago.

The other-consciousness has so little space and voice in our modern waking lives, complete abandonment in sleep seems a small and suitable offering.

queen edited 2.jpg

I could again place my un(tamed)conscious at the beginning of a particular path and ask her to walk, but the moment my mind surrenders to sleep she would dart up the nearest tree and throw coconuts at my head, then unbind her hair and thrash through the underbrush singing bards and growling.

I can only wake up some hours later and groggily catalogue her sojourn, forever amazed at how much she can accomplish in a single morning.

But I will never again try to direct her steps, as the metaculture constantly realigns mine during waking life.  I will make no -ology of the void, or topographic map of the womb, or extraction plan for a wilderness that does quite well without interference.  It has never asked of me understanding, only reverence.

Image: from page 178 of The Queen of the Arena and Other Stories, illustrated by “Millais and others,” 1880, via The British Library on flickr