Toxic Boogie Men

by strangedayonplanetearth

%221960 Living Color Penthouse%22 via James Vaughan on flickr, some rights reserved

Last week I attempted to answer many onerous household questions.

Is it possible to buy BPA-free canning lids? (Yes, with difficulty, and multiple emails to Fresh
Why does my carbon monoxide detector go off at 50 ppm when a safe level is far lower? (No good answer, but a solitary and expensive solution from CO Experts.)
Is it possible to buy a landline that emits less radiation than a cell phone if you don’t have a phone jack? (No.)
Is my deodorant really toxic? (Yes.)
Are some essential oils estrogenic? (The jury is small and undecided.)

These rather depressing investigations only punctured a handful of the human-generated riddles surrounding me. Fine particle pollution, flame retardants, polyurethanes, DES, parabens, sulfates, nonspecified fragrances, and nanosilver will remain less delineated boogie men that occasionally haunt my waking thoughts.

It seems we must be our own landlord, pharmacist, municipal water supply, EPA, and FDA. It’s the corporations-persons’ world: we just live here.

Image: 1960 Living Color Penthouse, via flickr