by strangedayonplanetearth


ilustraciones-y-fotografc3adas-procedentes-del-fondo-bibliogrc3a1fico-de-la-biblioteca-de-la-facultad-de-derecho-y-ciencias-del-trabajo-de-la-universidad-de-sevilla-on-flickr-artist-not-attThe only satisfaction in test-taking is doing well.

That’s really the trouble with medical tests.  The most you can hope for is being told you’re average.

Normal, abnormal.  Healthy range, unhealthy range.

This is what I want to hear:  The results of your MRI are in.  Your brain glows in the dark!

Your blood test revealed your blood is a lovely shade of purple.  It particularly loves riding the slope from the your right shoulder to fingertips.

We have examined your X-ray.  Your neck muscles are in spasm, but secretly in love with your brain.  By night they read magazines in its light.

Image: from Ilustraciones y fotografías procedentes del fondo bibliográfico de la Biblioteca de la Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias del Trabajo de la Universidad de Sevilla on flickr