Environmental Handbook for Non-Scientific Minds

by strangedayonplanetearth

Image taken from page 96 of '[Pre-Adamite Man; or the story of our old planet, etc. [By Mrs. G. J. C. D.]]' | by The British Library

Perhaps, like me, you are aghast over the state of the natural world. This planet grew in rich, mysterious, entwined webs over billions of years. And in the past few hundred, one subset of one species has been feverishly tearing it all apart. Living in a country responsible for much of the carnage, I have felt compelled to protest this fact. Even so, I have been scantly able to explain the mechanisms of destruction. This, because scientific writing is generally dense and jargony, and my mind inclined to shut down the moment it feels it is back in ninth grade science class.

Hence began Environmental Handbook for Non-Scientific Minds: an attempt to document the major throws in terms I could understand. From one non-scientific mind to another, I hope this is a useful template in perplexing times.

For more of this project, please visit Planet Earth Book.

Image: from page 96 of Pre-Adamite Man or The Story of Our Old Planet, by Mrs. G. J. C. Duncans, 1866, via The British Library on flickr