by strangedayonplanetearth

wreath edit.jpg

journal: 12.22.13

First a political party.  December 21, winter solstice, and there are no candles, or bubbling drinks, or magic.  Just veganism, and serious books, and people wearing pants.

Redemption at the friend’s party I stop at next, where people are much funnier and softer.  A massive Yule tree, and gold leggings, and men who dance well.  I was particularly impressed by the man in a red jumpsuit who seemed so genuinely happy, and told me every time he leaves his apartment he remembers Coco Channel’s intonation to edit one article from your outfit.  I asked him what he had taken off.  He said: “The necklace!”

Image: modified from page 117 of The Garden of Eloquence, Henry Peacham the Elder, 1593, via British Library on flickr