The Agenda

by strangedayonplanetearth

It is time to address that unholy virus crippling our nation’s moral fiber. The parasite so endemic, from the highest towers of power to the lowliest halls of entertainment, as to go largely undetected. I am referring, of course, to the heterosexual agenda.

The heterosexual agenda begins with the assumption everyone is heterosexual, which safely renders a large segment of the population in something called a closet. People in this closet are required to come out of it—that is, commit shocking feats of moral courage—in order to live a consistent life. The heterosexual agenda circulates performances of heterosexuality, from ad campaigns to presidential coronations, as economic currency. It fixes the categories of actors and gay actors, politicians and gay politicians, marriage and gay marriage.

The heterosexual agenda dictates that the primary organization of society not to be functioning communities but fragile sexual dyads. The heterosexual agenda is therefore preoccupied with the “nature” of men and women, which it purports is endorsed by biology or God. That most biologists and theologians are in the category of “man,” it assures us, is purely coincidental. (Or by design of biology and God, and you can begin to see the circular logic the heterosexual agenda favors.) The heterosexual agenda defines “masculine” as anything non-feminine, and “feminine” as anything non-masculine, ensuring psychological fracture as a formative experience.  The heterosexual agenda would like anyone who does not give a spirited performance of “heteronormative heterosexual man” or “heteronormative heterosexual woman” to be forever explaining themselves. It hopes, as long as these explanations are required, it will never have to explain itself.

Because the heterosexual agenda cannot explain itself, not in any way that is cogent, or that would not simply read: power.  Power, blood, spite, and old patriarchs who have stacked the cards so long, and in so many ways, most of us are too tired to play the game before we even begin. In this universe no one is ever straight enough, man enough, or domesticated enough. In this universe I have seen the enemy. And yes, it is perverted and ugly and trying to take over the Supreme Court. Let’s call it what it is: the heterosexual agenda.

%22I Loved a Woman%22 1933, Bees Knees Daily on flickr, some rights reserved

Image: I Loved a Woman of 1933, via Bees Knees Daily on flickr