by strangedayonplanetearth

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journal: 7.28.13

Yesterday was Saturday.  I look the train to the Union Square farmers market.

Kale from the organic tent with the swarthy clerk whose smile is a million stars passing in an instant.

Mushrooms.  Rung up by a mere boy, about 10, who carefully weighs them on a scale (.25 pounds), looks at the price ($5 per pound), moves his lips as if counting in his breath, and cautiously charges me $1.25.

Garlic from a hanging basket and a smiley woman explaining they aren’t young, just small.

And two quarts of goats milk from the pretzel vendor watching Rose’s booth while she is “on lunch.”

Back to Bushwick.  I have a package waiting at the post office; my favorite clerk looks very tired.  Examine the offerings at the local farmer’s market, which are slim.  Someone is selling tea from these astonishing red flowers; I am trying to admire the color while she is going on about flavonoids and vitamin C.

Street harassed by men on the first corner, then a whole gang of construction workers, and lastly two large leering men.  The consuming sense of panic and dread does not wear off, really, until dusk.

Image: modified from Simple French Cookery (5), 1958, via ipernity on flickr