by strangedayonplanetearth

American in London edited.jpg

Journal: 7.11.13

On the way to my sister’s wedding.  Things I have done so far at La Guardia: left my ticket at the counter, walked in the men’s restroom, lost (and found) my water bottle.  Everything is going smoothly, even the car here remarkably uneventful—but multiple airline traumas seem to have rendered me permanently jittery.

Hoping the travel gods are now satiated and I may have an uneventful flight.

In the restroom a beefy guy shouted, “Hey!  Hey!” till I came to my senses.  Anyhow he was fully dressed so I don’t know why he was so ornery.

Image: modified from page 198 of An American Girl in London, by Duncan, 1891, via British Library on flickr