by strangedayonplanetearth

bed in daylight.jpg

Some days you don’t want to wake to the landlord outside your bedroom window.

Newly renovated apartments look so seductively turn-key.  But turn the key (note the lock is missing the base plate), and you become a test tenant in a land of drying paint and missing doorknobs.

Outlets not work?  Or need to be moved four inches to accommodate the new oven … which also does not work?

Radiator leak?  Faux chimney leak?  Ceiling leak?   Can you see into the basement around the cold water pipe?

Today’s agenda: Fix doorbell.  Install permanent sink legs.  Discuss options for floorboard gaps.  Schedule a time for the landlord to return … tomorrow.

And yet I love this apartment, for all its daily foibles.  I loved it from the moment I saw it, a wasteland of dry wall and sanded floorboards. The places you fight for, these are the places that become home.  Plants nod from the windowsills, my favorite chair looks just-so in its corner, and in the spring there is room for squash and lavender on the patio.

And maybe, one day, the landlord will not be a daily visitor.